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Welcome Aboard!

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Ahh... Wintertime!

Time for renting movies and cuddling, and hibernating for those of the bear-shape persuasion. Here at Oakgraphics, some of us are having fun helping the Salvation Army with thier anual Toy Drive. The staff at Camp Redwood Glen just finished the big 60 turkey run for the Santa Cruz Core, and we are now having fun caroling at night. If you like, you can see the big Staff Picture. If you haven't worked at a camp before, perhaps you would like to check out The Salvation Army with their Camp Redwood Glen and see how they send hundreds of kids each year for little or no cost to the kids. You can even donate for the next summer program, or even help by working there!

How we are keeping busy these days...

We at Oakgraphics like to stay busy -- that is for sure. So when it comes to fun things to do we always keep spare plates handy so as to not have too full of a plate. Here are some of the offerings we are currently serving on as well as some of the classic blue-plate options you have become accustomed to admiring.

Photography We specialize in Wedding Photography, but enjoy all types of photo shoots. We even offer some tips in "The Lab" on some ways to speed up to process of the shoot to final print. You can also peruse through our online photo gallery of the latest pictures, or sign up for our Royalty free zone.

Web Design Web design is kind of like cookies. The more you make, the more you want. While we do have a portfolio of styles we have helped others to achieve, the best way to see them is in action by visiting some of our clients.

Videography We also specialize in Wedding Videography, and event videography. See some of our demo reels to get an idea on what we can do for you.

Client Access Access your client area to see the latest revisions we have completed for you - as well as the project overview and timeline. Access to this area is granted once we receive your accepted contract.

Current Projects We like to doodle with computers. You can see some of what's cooking in "The Lab" where you can peruse the fine selection of classics, as well as some of the more 'work in process' type applications. Visit the "Code Vault" for ancient programs from yesteryear.

Community Outreach - VFC Media Ministries Are you part of the media team at Vintage Faith? Well here is your Media Calendar! If you would like to join the team, or get more info about Vintage Faith Church - you can visit the Media Ministries home page, or go directly to and check them out.

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